Our House…Part Four…Photos Say it All!

8 07 2013

Well, it’s official!!! Judy and I finally completed phase one renovations of our home!

As a refresher, (because this has been ongoing for a while) if you go way back to my April and May 2011 posts, I wrote a three segment blog describing our struggles to decide whether to renovate or add-on or sell and start fresh. At the end of that three-fold diatribe, I seem to remember determining that remodeling our current home made the most sense…

This was a great idea until…

We purchased another horse (number seven in our herd) and, we decided that we absolutely wanted a farm…

Without going into details:

  1. We found the perfect (we  thought) place and put in an offer…
  2. Two days before settlement, the second appraisal came in too low…
  3. Seller refused to to reduce the price further…
  4. Judy and I threw up our hands, blamed the events on fate, and realized that we should stay put!

So, with that 16 month cycle of events passed, we decided to start the renovations, in earnest. Our first thoughts, since Spring was approaching, was to revamp the Screened Porch into a year-round space; put in new windows, flooring, etc. and create an open transition from our Living Room to the great outdoors…This was a great plan until I asked the Kitchen & Flooring Consultant what he thought of our current First Floor layout and, did he have any ideas…

Fast forward, from January through March of this year and, Judy and I now have a beautiful new First Floor that finally reflects our Pattern-of-living (remember that term?). Yes, It took that long but, as you will see, the renovations were significant. During that time, we lived through all of the joys (???!!?) and tribulations of a major renovation. And yes, there are stories to tell but, I will save those as fodder for another installment. Right now, I just want to share our beautiful new pattern-of-living.

So, without further ado, I’ll let the graphics tell the rest of the story:




Looking from the Garage entry into the new Kitchen; and, through where the old Laundry Room was removed.
Cabinets are a knotty birch, counter-tops are black granite,  and the flooring is a stranded bamboo. A blind header was installed to allow the ceiling to pass from the Kitchen, through to the Living Room, uninterrupted. The island was a purchased piece that we thought added character to the space; the top is a teak cutting board that I cannot bring myself to mar.


Looking back into the new Kitchen from the Living Room.
The tile, on the bar top and front, is an Italian porcelain product, with a slate-like finish and “toothpick” joints to minimize grout lines. The new, compact Laundry Room is behind the pocket doors in the background, next to the Garage entrance. By the way, we replaced all of the interior doors with new, solid core, knotty alder and stained them on-site. And, yes, the Spaniels love the new bamboo floor which is 25 times harder than oak flooring.


We covered the existing brick fireplace with the same porcelain tile and granite, for continuity. We also installed new baseboards and chair rails (to match the new doors), painted all of the walls and ceilings, and added new pleated window shades.


Looking from the Living Room out to the Screened Porch.
Yes, our original goal was to renovate the Porch into a year-round space and, no, it didn’t happen. This area slipped down, on our wish-list, but will be addressed this Fall (we hope). Notice the creative awards ribbon rail that was created from left over chair rails and a spacer. And, again, a happy Spaniel surveying his new space.


Although we didn’t change the Dining Room, much, we did refinish the existing oak floor, added new trim, and repainted all surfaces to complete our First Level makeover.




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