Measuring Distance

23 09 2011

As an architect, I am always measuring various distances; I am looking at room sizes, how far away from a property line I may be, how close my project might be to infrastructure, etc. I then take many of those distances and compound them to calculate volumes that have effect on my design solution and may determine what restrictions or benefits building codes, zoning ordinances, deed restrictions, etc. will provide.

Measuring is something that we learned, many years ago, in school; we were given rulers and yardsticks and everything started being given values. We quickly learned the sizes of such things as paper and how a piece might be broken down in order for us to learn to write; remember the great distances between lines, in the first grade, so that we could maneuver that fat pencil in order to make or first letters and numbers (and how the distance shrunk as we became more proficient)?

Then there was the athletic field (which many of us still focus on). We quickly learned, whether wearing a football uniform or band uniform, how many yards comprised a football field and how you might maximize those distances in order to be victorious (yup, won a few band competitions in school as a member of one hell of a marching band). During little league baseball season, it was how much distance to hit a home run; on the golf course, distance determined my club choice; swimming and running races were judged relative to distance; and Judy certainly thought about distances (and jump heights) in all of her equestrian events.

Sure, there are other measures that are relevant in our daily lives but, distance, has been one of those that is paramount in most activities. So, it’s no wonder that, as I tried to quantify my growing love for Judy during the beginning of our relationship, that I took up the topic of measuring distance and attempted to use it metaphorically. The following poem is simplistic in its structure and its phraseology is not complicated; but, I believe its premise is as true today as the day I wrote it, with one exception…as our love has grown, the distance between us has shrunk to an imperceptible distance that no physical tool can measure; its only true measure, HAPPINESS!!!




Measured in

Inches, feet, yards, miles,

Appears as immeasurable.


Measured in

Seconds, minutes, hours, days,

Appears as unbearable.


Measured in

Hopes, dreams, ideas, imaginings,

Appears as love.

The shortest distance between

Two people is love…………




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