14 09 2011

A few weeks ago (OK, it was July 14th), I responded to a facebook comment regarding the absence of blogging and posting on the Hue Architecture sites; I stated, emphatically, that I would have something up by the following week. So, for those that like to do the math, my last post was on June 10, I made my bold promise a month later (July 14th), and it is now September 14th; that’s three months my friends and, entirely too long!

To what do i owe this sudden resurgence of interest and energy? Well, this morning I attended a meeting of the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Business Association (WPBA) and enjoyed a great presentation regarding networking, presented by Kim from DryGuys Basement Systems, and then stayed for another presentation, by Ron from SiteRipe Web Solutions, regarding the re-design of the WPBA website. This unfroze a couple of braincells and I said, “Huh….I go to networking events, I have a website, I have a blog, I have a facebook page…Why the hell have I let them all become stagnant?”

After a brief chat and a little more networking I, enthusiastically, made my way to the office and immediately pried at the rusty hinges to open my sites. As I brushed away the cobwebs to Hue Architecture Thoughts, I was immediately shocked and embarrassed by the discovery of an ignored comment to my blog that was posted on June 12th. The post was from Daniel of Ironstone Sculpture Garden regarding my blog entitled Art and Architecture; his words were generous and timely. I, without hesitation, responded to Daniel, apologizing and thanking him while, in my mind, kicked myself and made excuses for this blunder; again, for those who do the math, my response was posted three months late. This, my friends, is unforgivable and I, again, apologize to Daniel and also thank him for his kind words.

Is there a lesson here? I should think so…

The first is, if you “blow it”, pull your head out of your “a**”, admit your mistake, and move forward.

Second, if you make a commitment to do something, follow-through; often the issue is time management, the blogging and posting, in this instance (in most instances), requires a small block of time and if you schedule that time and follow-through, the task becomes routine.

Third, if someone takes the time to read and respond to your posts, respond in a timely fashion and let them know that you appreciate their efforts; they may not always agree with you but their perspective can often cause debate which almost always results in a great exchange of ideas.

And, lastly, re-read the first lesson and learn from your mistakes.

So, here’s the deal and, in the immortal words of Bob Wills, “I’m back in the saddle again…” I have decided to block out time, on subsequent Monday mornings, and will be writing about all of the things that pique my interest. I have been, somewhat, busy; so, next Monday’s blog will bring you up to speed on a couple of exciting design projects. And, in weeks to come, I feel a rant coming on regarding the economy; also, I think I’ll pop in a poem within a couple of hours just to add a bit of diversity.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’ve started Real Estate School. Diversity for the starving architect; but, more about that later.

Have a phenomenal week!!!




2 responses

14 09 2011
Chris Hooks

As a fellow blogger, I find it extremely difficult to schedule myself to write. I know that some folks are diligent about time-blocking, but I find inspiration comes when it comes.

Also, sometimes a small post is all that it takes. Each post does not have to be perfect and the BEST that you have ever written. Take some of that pressure off of yourself and have FUN with your blog. That’s what it’s all about.

I don’t feel that apologies are necessary……but it is good to see that you’re back, Hue!

14 09 2011
Hue Architecture

Thanks for the encouragement, Chris. Yes, you’re right about perfection, most times it’s better to have a good effort with the knowledge that you’ll still hit a home run every now and then.

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