Dusting Off the Poetry

14 09 2011

I woke up, this morning, to a familiar sound, the clicking of spaniel toenails on the wood flooring of our bedroom; it was George hinting that it might be time to get up and start enjoying the day. Of course, any of you that know Judy and I, also know that our crowd usually sleeps in bed with us; however, George has recently decided that he might be more comfortable in a little bed on the floor that is not shared by five other siblings (or Mom and Dad, for that matter). And, as is always the case, one spaniel arising soon has the others clamoring for a quick hug and then an even quicker exodus to the back yard for a little relief.

As a lay there and waited for Shayna to jump onto my pillow to lick my face “good morning”, I allowed the clicking of the toenails to take me back, a bit; back to a time,  a few years ago, when Judy and I were just staring our life together. The pups (only three back then) slept in various places around the room but not in our new little nest; and, each morning we would be called to action by the impatient clicking of our Doberman, Blink, and our Toy Spaniels, Jasmine and Lora Lu, notifying us that the day was already half over (yes, half over at 6 AM).  Unfortunately, Jazzy departed her worldly presence, too soon, and left Lora Lu to sleep with Blink, which lasted about a night until we caved and invited her to spend a night or two in bed with us. Since that time, and in order for Lora Lu to not be lonely, we’ve added to our little Spaniel  kingdom; Lora graciously offered to share her (our???) bed and we now awaken each morning with greetings from Lora, Shayna, Pookie, Dahlila, Charlie, Millie, and Georgie (of course).

But how I digress…I started this reminiscence thinking about the familiar sound of spaniel toenails on the wood floor. The sound that brought back wonderful memories of Lora Lu, Jasmine, and Blink. But, also of a poem that I penned to attempt reflections on how phenomenal my new life, with Judy, was evolving; and, though I don’t write as much, I still marvel at the wonderful life we share.

So, in honor of Lora, Shayna, Pookie, Dahlila, Charlie, Millie, and Georgie (Thanks for the clicking this morning), and also for Jasmine and Blink and NuGuy watching over from above, here’s my little poem to Judy:

Morning Song

The faint luminosity of a new dawn

Lithe tresses tickle my imagination

click, click, click…

Twittering of birds, commencement of their morning sonata

Silken skin, sumptuous against my being

click, click, click…

The scent of love permeates the gentle breeze

A fervent cuddle stirs my fancy

click, click, click…

One more embrace evokes the past

One more kiss rejoices the present

The day unfurls before us

I’ll awaken beside you now and forevermore.




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