Architect’s and Poetry…hmmmmmmmm…

10 06 2011

Over the last several years I’ve dabbled. I’ve painted, I’ve created stained glass pieces, and, I’ve written poetry.

Today, I want to share a bit of my prose and throw a little bit of it into this blog, occasionally, as a different perspective on the life and times of this architect. All of my poetry, to date, was written for the special person in my life (I self-published a poetry and photo book for her a couple of years ago) and much is very personal; some of it also has a bit of a dark side that allowed a transformation as I’ve evolved into the present.

This is not an original idea, an artist-friend has been inter-dispersing some poetry into her blog and it struck me that it might be a nice change of pace.

I’ll start out with some of the more mainstream and see where it leads, I’d enjoy hearing any and all comments. This first one was written prior to our meeting, in person, and has evolved a bit since its original rendition hence the Redux inclusion.

Perfect Day Redux


Untold moments have past;

Awaken again, once more.

Sensuous waves,

Hypnotic sunlight peaking through palm fronds,

Welcome the new day.

Am i alone?


Coffee, the bouquet melds with salt air;

Celebration of day’s past.

Aromatic beans,

Yesterday’s market place tickles the psyche,

Exotic sounds of island commerce.

Am i alone?


Rhythmic sounds of the jitney;

Vibrations pulsing through my being.

Shade and sun,

Sumptuous fragrances,

Orchid lined paths through paradise.

Am I alone?


Crystal waters above and beneath;

Hushed sounds, words disappear.

Coral and sand,

Tiny aquatic creatures,

Darting about, kissing my imagination.

Am I alone?


A favorite bistro at water’s edge;

Everyone, no one, shadows of the night.

Exotic beverages,

Culinary delights,

Tranquil allusions wafting through the air.

Am I alone?


Tropical breezes blowing the stars;

Blissful greeting offered to stellar companions.

Sensuous sounds of waves,

Hypnotic moonlight peaking through palm fronds,

Welcome the new night.

We are never alone,


I love you.


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