21 03 2011

HUEARCHITECTURE has entered the internet age!!!

So, here we go; after 4.5 years of pledging, assuring, guaranteeing, promising, even swearing and threatening, our website is online.  Who would have thought that a website, which is seemingly so simple, would be such a hassle to get up and running?  During this 4.5 year period, I have worked with multiple professional companies and spent several thousand dollars with nothing to show but an “under construction” page (which has been up, off and on, for at least three years).  I, as a designer myself, had visions of grandeur each time I started working with a new group of the greatest architectural firm website ever created; even got close a time or two but, was always thwarted by these groups going out of business, giving up, losing interest, etc.

So, what finally happened, you may ask?  One day, about a month ago, my “significant other’s” college-student-son said to me, “You know, this ain’t rocket science; we can get a template online, tweak it a bit, do a bit of creative writing, add your portfolio in and, presto-chango, you have a website!”

Is this site as polished as what others would have created? HELL YES!

Is this site as slick as what other firms display online? HELL YES!

Am I proud of this site? HELL YES!

Will this site increase awareness of our firm?  HELL YES!

So, to you, Mr. Andrew Campbell, owner of Campbell’s Computers and college student and entrepreneur and friend, thank you; you accomplished, quickly and economically, what the others merely promised (and failed) to deliver.

And now, I owe you that incredible, gourmet dinner that I promised!!!

Now, check us out at:




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