Why are you an architect, GP (Grand Pop)…?

2 03 2011

I became an architect out of a desire for immortality, my dear…

I think I’ve always wanted to be an architect. One of my earliest memories of interest in design was touring a house that my pee wee baseball league coach had built and how cool it seemed to create something like that. A few years later,
I pursued my Architecture Merit Badge in Boy Scouts; this gave me the opportunity to interact with the only architect in the small West Texas town that I grew up in and see some of his creations. It seems that, throughout my public school years, from my seventh grade math class through to my high school drafting classes, I loved creating drawings that might, someday become houses and offices and schools, etc.

I enjoyed design so much so, that upon graduating high school, I went to work, as a draftsman, for a design builder, and began to see the bricks and sticks of my drawings become actual structures. It was fun showing friends and family the buildings that I was involved in and the fact that future generations’ would be able to view what I had created.

Eventually, though, I sought a higher level of design and credibility so I enrolled in the university to obtain my professional degree in architecture. There, I was exposed to the masters, both past and present; this broadened my perspective and allowed me to hone my design skills. The design school experience also solidified my insatiable appetite for immortality.

Today, I am honored by each opportunity that I’ve been given to be involved in the design of even the most modest of structures; I am gratified by the praises of family and friends; I am humbled to know that future generations will experience my creations.

I am an Architect!!!




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