Dream Building?

2 03 2011

The beginning of a dream, our dream floats amongst the clouds. This view depicts a six-story building with its entrance plaza and hall on the first level, museum and gallery on the second, corporate offices on the upper floors, and playing fields on the roof.

Architects, sometimes, get an opportunity to work with a client who is still dreaming.  Perhaps their company or project is still in its infancy but they are eager to share their vision and explore the possibilities.  Hue Architecture got, just such, an opportunity a couple of years ago when we crossed paths with a fledgling board game company developer; a synergy evolved and we decided to dream a bit about what a potential corporate headquarters might look like.  We brainstormed some, we programed a little, but we dreamed a lot.  The impetus for the form became the shape of the game board but, why not reflect that image in three-dimensions; after all the dream list included multi-stories, roof playing fields, game museums, gift shops, etc. so why not make the iconic statement the game board suggested with its strong geometric form. What evolved, in our quick, sketches was a dodecahedron (now that’s a mouthful) and, why not; it’s structurally sound, it’s playful, and it becomes the landmark that the client desired.  The project, being in its infancy, did not have a specific location so it is depicted as floating amongst the clouds as many of our dreams sometimes do.

Looking down upon the dream. The footprint of the roof would allow for multi-use venues including game areas, picnic areas, meeting areas, etc.

Now, this project is still a dream and, as with all dreams, will need a lot more design, flushing out concepts and work to bring it into reality and, it may evolve into many incarnations before it is finally realized; but, the dream has established a vision and will provide a strong stepping stone to building reality.

If you have an idea for your dream building or house, let’s talk; it may be the beginning to a new reality.

Is there a deeper moral here, absolutely; always reach for the stars and never stop dreaming!!!




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