HELLO WORLD!!! So, whadda ya write about…

1 03 2011

The easier question to answer might be, “What will you not write about?”

So, I won’t be writing lengthy discourses on architectural design theory; there are many theorists out there anxious to bore you to tears, though my theories and opinions regarding design will be inter-dispersed in all that I discuss.  Additionally, I won’t be regurgitating architectural history, there are so many history books gathering dust on the shelves; though, again, I might touch on certain historic facts that seem relevant.  And, I won’t be presenting architectural critiques on the latest, in-vogue projects showing up in the professional journals; there are too many critics out there excited to share their viewpoint but, occasionally, I may mention an interesting project that catches my eye.  Lastly, I won’t be writing dry, boring technical reports on building codes or building materials or building systems; though I may share little tidbits regarding new product I may come across from time to time.

What I do want to write about is life as an architect.  I want to write about what it’s like to design buildings for people.  I want to talk about relevant books that I’m reading.  I want to talk about what it’s like to ride the crest of an economic wave one day and, tumble into the icy waters of the Great Recession the next.  I want to talk about philosophies of life and how intertwined architecture and design is in our lives.  These are subjects I’ve witnessed, these are areas that I have experienced, and these are areas that stumbled into.  This, my friends, is what I know about.

So, at times I may ramble; at times I may rant; at times, I bore you, and at times I may irritate you; but, my hope is that, at times, I provoke you into thinking a bit about design and, perhaps just a  little bit about life.




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